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A little more back story on how we got here...

Newlyweds, Honeyyear, Honey Year,
Newlyweds, The Honey Year, Travel

Hey! We’re Nick and Tessa. We just got married in June and for our honeymoon, we wanted to have the ultimate adventure. That’s what sparked the idea for The Honey Year! We’re going to take an entire year to travel all the way around the globe!

Back in June, 2014, Nick decided to go on a scuba diving trip to Curaçao (a Dutch Island) with a family friend. Tessa was working in Curaçao for a dive charter company (the same one Nick was diving with). We both happened to be in Hemingways’s Bar, watching the World Cup, America vs. Portugal. After an American goal, we noticed each other cheering across the room. What a great opportunity to start a conversation! We spent the week touring the island, bonding over diving, music, everything under the sun. The end of Nick’s vacation left us parting ways, never thinking we’d see each other again.

Flash forward a year and a half later, Tessa was back in the States visiting, for what was supposed to be 2 weeks. Fortunately, her visa to go back to Curaçao got a bit messed up causing her to stay for 2 months. During that time, Nick (on a whim and very short notice) invited Tessa to a wedding in Ohio. She called his bluff, said yes, and flew out to see him 5 days later. The wedding was in Nick’s small hometown, so Tessa quickly received the ultimate introduction to everyone important in Nick’s life. She met his whole family, childhood friends, all his friends parents, and loved every second of it. We didn’t stop laughing the entire weekend. We knew we had to at least try to make this work. So Tessa planned to visit Nick for a week in Louisiana. What was supposed to be a week long visit turned into forever!


4 years and 1 day after we met on Curaçao, we said “I do” on a misty island in Maine. We want to make our life together one big adventure. We’re setting the tone by making our first year of marriage the greatest adventure we can think of - traveling around the world!

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