Prost to Our First Munich Oktoberfest!
Last October, we spent one magical night celebrating the finale of Oktoberfest. We knew very little going into it, but[...]
Our Favorite Travel Gear
Six months on the road has taught us a lot about traveling! Specifically some awesome products that have made our[...]
Kutna Hora & The Bone Chapel
Kutna Hora is a village about a 45 minute train ride east of Prague. Listed as a UNESCO-World Heritage Site,[...]
Happy Mardi Gras, New Orleans!!
Fat Tuesday is less than a week away with Mardi Gras Festival season in full swing and it’s got us[...]
Prague’s Best Attractions and Cuisine
Prague is one of those places we’d always heard about, but didn’t initially think to put it on our list[...]
Some Things to Know Before Visiting Prague
On our tour of places we didn’t think we’d go, we found ourselves visiting Prague for 5 days! Prague is[...]
9 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Travel
Nick and I are almost four months into our honeymoon. We’ve created a budget that will allow us to travel[...]
Backpacker Travel Budget
When we tell people that we are on a year long honeymoon, most first reactions are, “Wow, that must be[...]
Schönen Tag! We spent 5 days in Berlin (which was not originally on our agenda) and we’re so glad we[...]

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